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Archived things . . . . 


WaT Radio Show

Various podcasts with Paul Amber, Leviathan, Ruth Grimsley and Mikey.


The Poetry Show

Original podcasts with Ruth Grimsley and Paul Amber.


Open Mic Roadshow

Original podcasts featuring Leviathan and Paul Amber.


WaT Radio pilots (Studio shows) presented by Mikey and Leviathan.


WaT Soundcloud

The first live event from the Jurys Inn conference room.

Latest things . . . . 


Welcome to the showcase of MTCM featuring the legendary original WaT radio podcast presentations.


It would be really great to hear from anyone who participated in the original live events or contributed to the project.

Please e-mail.

Availability -  May 2024

If any radio stations, production agencies, audio producers or podcasters are requiring VO, or any type of radio support, feel free to contact me at the sites e-mail with your proposals.

I will get back to you!


Introducing ....

Voice over talent / radio presenter and producer . . . 

mtstudiRadio legend Mikey, dubbed as "the voice of radio" has been involved in the local broadcasting scene since 1975 when he first gained prominence as a hospital radio presenter and producer.

A well versed ex-pirate with BBC trained committed passion for all things audio and demonstrating unique communication attributes.

"Versatile, distinct and classic presentation style which is considered to be smooth, believable, dynamic, clear and articulate. Professional vocal delivery that is perfect for broadcast, narration or other promotional announcements."

mikeytVO`s have been provided for various community stations including "SCR", "Diamond FM" and the successful charity station "Radio Cracker". Mikey also conceived a local project managing "Freedom FM." 

"An accomplished 49 years of broadcast and voice over experience, radio promotions, corporate announcements, web podcasts, narrations, and station ID's"

Words & Things - poetry and music legacy . . . . 

WaT poresenters

In 2007 Mikey conceived and designed the original Words & Things radio website.

Based on an original idea inspired by his ex-work collegue, John P (aka Paul Amber)

He produced all the podcasts presented by Paul, Leviathan and the legendary Bard of Broomhill, Ruth Grimsley.

All event promotional posters, logo and leaflets were created in house by MTCM.

A showcase for aspiring talented local poets and musical performers recorded at live events in various locations around the region, including the Roebuck Tavern, The Jurys Inn, Henrys Bar, and many more. This achieved considerable attention and the programmes were eventually broadcast on "Sheffield Live FM."

Mikey also provided some content and OB technical assistance for "Cornucopia Radio"

paulandruthThe legacy of the original Words and Things project has attracted sustained interest even after it unfortunately concluded some years ago.

Paul and Ruth (pictured here) revive fond memories of the original WaT presentations.

Remembering the initial events that were absolutely packed to the rafters at the Roebuck Tavern. They were incredible nights that we will never forget! 

It is a real credit to everyone who contributed as part of the original WaT team, John (aka Paul), Ruth, Chris (aka Levathian), Sharon, Janey, John, Joanne, Janet, Peter and all those who perfomed at the events.

Thank you to you all.