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Audio Technica professional studio condenser 


10 Channel 24 bit desk

Pre-amp Processor

DBX 286s DBX


Audio Technica ATH M50X / Beyer Dynamic DT 700 Pro X


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Performances recorded at live Words and Things open mic events.

The pirate years . . . . 


 Radio Freedom FM


Ahoy there! the creation of one of the first pirate community radio stations to hit the local airwaves was in 1992.

Mikey set up this basic studio (pictured above) and self built transmitting equipment to make the station a reality.

Broadcasting on 95.4 Mhz FM, it quickly gained popularity featuring chat programmes with fellow DJ Mark and playing the latest dance music.

Loyal listeners would regularily fill the stations mail bag with letters of support.

Sadly Radio Freedom was taken off the air for legal reasons after 2 years of operation.

Radio highlights . . . . 

Hospital Broadcasting

Northern RadioMikey started presenting radio programmes at the age of 14 when he helped to launch the hospital radio station "HBS" (later called Northern Radio) .

He gained a wealth of broadcasting experience with additional support from a colleague who also managed an international short wave pirate station at the time.

Some of the achievments throughout the years include the presentation of a popular soul show "Soul Serenade" and the legendary "Hospital Roadshow" which involved regular outside broadcasts from around the city, interviews, editing and production.

BBC local radio . . . .   


His first BBC presenter position came at the early age of 16 after auditioning for the saturday morning hospital request show.

BBCstudioMikey enjoyed considerable publicity in the local media just before the programme was aired.

Pictured here in the Radio Times, this rare photo taken in the BBC studio with his fellow Northern Radio colleagues.

In 1979 Mikey and the late Dave Kilner both joined a youth training scheme offering 2 unique local radio placements. Mikey achieved the position of studio assistant for BBC local radio.

This was another career break through into mainstream broadcasting providing programme support for the legendary Tony Capstick, Michael Cooke and Dinah Maiden.

Dave was placed at Radio Hallam, both kept in touch whilst working at their respective stations. Sadly Dave Kilner passed away in 2009 due to a period of ill health.


Radio Cracker . . . . 

Radio Cracker Mikey TRadio Cracker was set up to raise money and awareness for less fortunate people in third world countries. Supported by the national youth project - the Oasis Trust, Alpha Magazine and the Tear Fund.

The station was granted a short term FM broadcast licence and successfully provided daily programmes on 100.3Mhz FM.

Mikey presented a weekly soul show and produced promo's and station ID`s.

Caravan studio . . . . 

Radio Cracker Studio

The Cracker team constructed the unique studio inside a small caravan after gutting its original interior. 

Mikey helped with the design and installation of studio equipment donated by local electronic and Hi Fi retailers.


Radio Cracker school kidsSchool visits . . . . 

As the studio was fully mobile, Cracker arranged to take the caravan to local schools where the kids could get involved and learn about the workings of a radio station. 

This was a huge success, as you can see in this photo the kids could not wait to get on the microphone!